Erectile Dysfunction


It is very normal and most men suffer from inconsistent erections from time to time but are reluctant to take medication. Partners often feel concerned if medication is linked to what they feel should be spontaneous sexual interest. Drugs such as Viagra and Cialis will only offer support if the taker is relaxed and desiring intimate connection.

The human mind can overrule their effectiveness with a stress reaction. Erectile problems can also feed into the wider issue of sex drive and desire (Libido). Partners can mistakenly believe that the strength of a man’s erection determines how sexy or desired they are as a person. The reverse is often true however, as a man who feels under pressure to provide exciting sex is more prone to problems.

The stress and anxiety this can cause, often leads to the avoidance of sexual contact by both parties and can cause a major strain in an otherwise very compatible partnership.

I have been working with couples experiencing this together for many years and have tried and tested methods to make couples more comfortable and confident together.

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